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An online Training Needs Analysis tool for SME's

ECASME (ECApture of SME's training needs and specification) is a project being conducted under the European Leonardo Da Vinci Initiative. It is a two year project currently in its second year of running and is due for completion in January 2005.

We are a collaborative Project involving the University of Limerick, AMT, University of Craiova, University of Suceava, University of Aveiro, ICDC/ITT in Sweden and the Continuing Education Development Foundation (CEDeF) in Latvia. The project involves the research of existing training needs analysis practices in SME's across Europe.

From this we aim to discover and encapsulate the best practice in learning needs analysis and specify content in a user friendly, online format.

Based on this research ECASME have designed an online training needs analysis tool which will provide SME's with information on any training they need as a result of the analysis, in a central media.

The findings from this project will be available to the European Union Commission and Leargas as part of the Leonardo Da Vinci projects.

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Currently Phase 1 of the prototype has been released for testing. Phase 2 is due to be released in September 2004. Please contact us if you are interested in evaluating the tool

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